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by Sara Guaglione , 5 hours ago Digital publisher Render Media is the most recent victim of Facebook’s algorithm changes. The owner of recipe video publisher Cooking Panda and news andpolitics site Opposing Views is shutting down, blaming changes on Facebook’s branded content guidelines as a reason for its shuttering, according to The Wall Street Journal, whichfirst reported the news. Other casualties of Facebook’s changes for publishers include women's-lifestyle site Little Things (which reported Facebook's news feed changehad caused its traffic to plummet by 75%) and conservative site Rare. Millennial-focused publisher Thought Catalog announced thismonth that it had laid off a handful of staffers following Facebook’s recent algorithm tweaks, as well. “The combined impact of several recent events haveseverely restricted Render’s cash flow and its ability to sustain its business,” Render Media wrote in the note to clients. “We are working with our lender as we attempt to wind downRender’s operations. We are aware that we have outstanding amounts owed to you, and we working to maximize the remaining value of the business.” A spokeswoman for the LosAngeles-based company told the WSJ that Facebook’s recent news feed algorithm change contributed to the decision to shut down the company, but was not the only factor. InSeptember, Render Media CEO Vic Belonogoff said 20% of the company’s business came from branded content. Render Media has collaborated and created video content for brands suchas Bumble Bee Seafoods  and  Dunkin Donuts .

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